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Major Megacorp Under Investigation for World Destruction Conspiracy

In the news today, the Arasaka Corporation has toppled. Allegations of conspiracy of world destruction has caused a full fledged investigation into the company by many of the world's governments, including Japan and UCAS. These alligations include using the quasi-religious "Church of Aramath" to control the minds of millions, incuding high ranking government officials.

Earlier this morning, information regarding the destruction of the United States was made available by an unknown source. Tapes showing Men in Green Brazillian Combat Armor destroying the space station clearly show an Arasaka owned shuttle deploying the men and retrieving them after the attack. The men in Green have also been linked to other terrorist attacks, including the destruction of the Seattle Spaceport and the bombing of the High Tower Hotel, in which Lady Crystal and her manager were killed in cold blood. The most revealing incident of Arasaka's involvment was the use of a genetic engineered virus used to decimate Detroit, allowing the Men in Green to take control of the nuclear weapons facility there. Their plans to launch a nuclear attack were thwarted by an unknown group, labeled "Bink Inc." only by odd spray-painted graffitti left at the facility, over the bodies of the Arasaka thugs.

"It seems this Bink Inc group has been after Arasaka for some time," stated a spokesman for the Seattle Police Department. "A year ago, we thought they were a terrorist group after they destroyed a small Arasaka truck. Now it seems they were out to save the world. Go figure. I hope they got paid for this."

Arasaka has also ben blamed for the destruction of Scotland over ten years ago. More tapes have surfaced, showing memos passed through the Arasaka offices that clearly state that Scotland was going to be destroyed for 'insubordination' and unwillingness to pay Arasaka a protection fee. These alligatios will also be investigated.

In other news, a warehouse was destroyed in an inexplicable fassion early this morning. An unknown survivor wearing a "Genesis" tee-shirt was quoted as saying "Man, what a pathetic ending to it all". We assume that he was refering to his job as a dock worker. No one was hurt in the blast, though the building was utterly destroyed.



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